Several questions arise on a regular basis when riders first learn about our bikes, so we would like to share our answers with you here:

Why a V8 powered motorcycle?

Just ask anyone who's ever ridden one! For experienced riders looking to "take it up a notch", nothing compares for the sensation of pure, effortless exhilaration. (And nothing commands the curb like one, either!)

How is Sabertooth® different from other V8 powered bikes?

We've designed and built our bikes on three principles: Power, Quality and Style. We believe that no other manufacturer delivers so potent a combination of the three.

For experienced riders looking to "take it up a notch"

In this category of bike, power goes without saying. But our proprietary transmission transfers an unprecedented amount of rated power to the rear wheel.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our in-house sheet metal fabrication. And only the finest outsourced components go on a Sabertooth® bike, comparable to what you'd find on the most prestigious V-twin brands and customs.

As for style, we'll let riders speak for us - at Daytona Bike Week and elsewhere we've been told repeatedly that we have the best looking V8 motorcycle on the market ... and, in fact, one of the coolest looking bikes of any type.

How does Sabertooth® compare to the "factory custom" V-twins?

We expect that our bikes will appeal to many current owners of these brands who want to step up to an even cooler ride.

Here's the best part: not only will you find (far) greater power in a Sabertooth bike but also, in most cases, better handling and a better overall ride. Our bikes don't require radical geometry (extreme rake, high neck, etc.) for their "wow" factor, so we've been free to design them for optimal balance, stability and handling - in fact, all the components of a great ride.

Factory custom riders care about quality and finish, too, and they won't be disappointed with Sabertooth® on those counts either. We use only high end components manufactured or modified to our specifications. In some cases you will only find our level of quality on the most exclusive custom bikes. And an expanding array of eye-catching paint schemes and color selections makes our bikes' aesthetics second to none.

Why a Ford engine?

Starting from scratch, we had a choice of engines we could have used. Our conclusion was, and remains, that our exclusive Ford Racing 302 is the very best choice for a V8 in a motorcycle.

superior power-to-weight and power-to-displacement ratio versus competitive V8 power plants

First and foremost, the Ford Racing engine performs like a dream - powerful, smooth and reliable.

But there are also other practical reasons for the choice. For one, our Ford Racing engine is narrower than its competitors, so it nestles more comfortably - and attractively - in a motorcycle frame. Its narrower profile also translates to greater rider comfort.

For another, Ford V8s tend to run cooler - another important consideration for rider comfort. (This characteristic also allows us to have a smaller radiator - another big aesthetic advantage over our V8 competitors.)

Last but certainly not least, our Ford Racing V8 engine boasts a superior power-to-weight and power-to-displacement ratio versus competitive V8 power plants.




What kind of engineering has gone into these bikes?

The WildCat® model was designed and modeled using SolidWorks, and its frame, swingarm, front end and other components have undergone complete FEA (finite element analysis) testing to insure their structural integrity under stress.

Our exclusive wiring harness is automotive quality, meeting SAE International standards.

Finally, the Ford Racing engines used in these bikes are not only assembled and tuned to our specifications but also individually dyno-tested.

How much of a Sabertooth® bike is manufactured in-house?

We produce our own frames, swingarms, handlebars and sheet metal parts such as tanks, fenders and side panels. Although we have the physical capability to manufacture everything else on our bikes apart from the engine, we have chosen to outsource certain components from select high-end manufacturers.

Is there a torque reaction under acceleration?

The only (moderate) torque reaction we've experienced has occurred when a stationary Sabertooth® is being revved. In the thousands of road miles we've put on our test bikes, they've shown no discernible torque reaction when moving.

How fast are Sabertooth® bikes?

On the highway, our bikes can reach the legal speed limit in very little time and with even less strain.

What's the tank capacity? How far will that take me?

Our WildCat® tank holds eight gallons of fuel. Our test riders have averaged slightly more than thirty miles to the gallon. If ridden sensibly, the WildCat® model will get 240 miles or more on a full tank. Our BobCat® tank holds 6 gallons, and at 46 MPG, provides a cruising range of 276 miles on a tank of gas.

extraordinary value in a bike with such power, quality and style

What about financing? Insurance?

Since Sabertooth® bikes are listed in the NADA Guide and Kelley Blue Book, financing can also be obtained is easily obtainable through many local banks and credit unions.

Complete insurance coverage is available through Progressive, GEICO and Nationwide, all recognized names and leaders in their business.

What kind of warranty does a Sabertooth® bike carry?

We provide a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty on parts and labor with the standard restrictions. An extended warranty is also available.