The Sabertooth® Motorcycles saga began in late 2005. In the world of increasingly look-alike, feel-alike motorcycles, we saw a need for a new level of motorcycle for the experienced rider seeking a higher level of physical exhilaration and emotional satisfaction.

There is simply nothing to compare with the unforgettable riding sensation of a V8 powered motorcycle - its pure exhilaration, commanding performance and extraordinary smoothness. Yet nowhere on the landscape was a bike that paired the enhanced riding experience of a V8 with a comparable level of quality and style in other words, a motorcycle that looks (and lasts) every bit as good as it feels. And so a company was born.

Like the "big cat" in our logo, every Sabertooth® production bike embodies both power and a certain primal grace.


Our inaugural production models include the WildCat®, Midnight WildCat® and the WildCat X®, featured under Bikes. In 2009 we introduced the WildCat 427® and the WildCat 427X®. For the 2010 model year we will add the TurboCat®, CatRod & StreetCat® Model line to our product lineup. These bikes are listed in both the NADA Buyers Guide and the Kelley Blue Book. Additional models will be introduced over the coming year, as will an array of Sabertooth® Motorcycles merchandise and apparel items.


Sabertooth® Motorcycles are produced in our 20,000 square foot factory in the greater Minneapolis area, which includes extensive CNC machining capabilities and a dedicated climate-controlled paint facility. Frames, handlebars and all sheet metal components are designed and engineered in house. The heart of the company is our team of highly skilled craftsmen who perform a range of operations from fabrication to assembly to finish. Only the highest quality components - many designed and manufactured exclusively for us - go on Sabertooth® bikes.